Conservation Demonstrations…

give educators a convincing visual of the effects of soil texture, organic matter, root and vegetative systems on the soil. With easy setup and use, you can focus on helping agricultural producers understand the importance of soil health and setting management goals for improvement.

Product development is constantly underway to improve demonstrations for educators and researchers. Creator Bud Davis spent 15 years as a state agronomist educating agricultural producers in the effects of management practices on erosion. His field day presentations revealed the need for an easy-to-use demonstration to explain differences in management practices side by side — differences that you’d otherwise have to be out in a field in a rainstorm to witness. Finding that existing demonstrations were clunky and unreliable, Davis was determined to find a better solution.

Conservation Demonstrations is constantly refining our designs to offer a wide variety of options to illustrate soil health concepts.  Since 2008 we’ve  distributed our educational demonstrations to more than 40 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Demark, Finland, Norway, Australia, Ireland and England.

Soil health…

is a key issue for the health and well being of our planet.  Your soil health educational programs will be greatly enhanced by the demonstrations we have to offer.  Our goal is to provide educators with products that make them deliver a professional, convincing, high impact visual example of soil functions and the benefits of restoring soil health.

Soil health has always been a passion for Davis, whose father assisted in developing his first 4-H demonstration about soil organic matter as a youth.  Using two long glass tubes with screen on the bottom to show differences in how organic matter effects water infiltration in soil samples from a tilled field and undisturbed grassland.

Davis and his wife, Terry, reside near Salina, Kansas. They offer a variety of delivery and training options for each unit purchased.